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Start Up / Activation

Turning you sprinkler system on for the first time in the spring, is something that a lot of people dread doing.  You really do not know if everything is going to work right when you turn your sprinkler system on.  If your sprinkler system does not work right then you will immediately wonder how bad is the problem and how much is the problem going to cost.


Here at Hamilton Irrigation we want to remove this stress from your life.

Start Up / Activation in the Greater Boulder, Longmont and Denver Metro Area

Let Hamilton Irrigation get your sprinkler system up and running in the spring. What we'll do;

  1. Turn your system on

  2. Go through each station to check and make sure your sprinkler system is working right

  3. Program your clock/timer so that it waters when you want

Schedule an appointment with us today to get your system up and running. We’ll make sure everything is running right, so you can enjoy your summer. 

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