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Sprinkler Installation

Getting a sprinkler system installation is an excellent decision to help the grass and beat the heat. There are many steps that you can take to keep your yard looking great throughout the year, but one of the most essential things that all yards need is a regular supply of water. Hamilton Irrigation sprinkler installs help conserve water all while saving you money.

To learn more about our sprinkler installation services, call Hamilton Irrigation today. We offer a five-year warranty on parts and labor with regular maintenance.

Sprinkler Installation in the Greater Boulder, Longmont and Denver Metro Area

Your new sprinkler system will keep your lawn healthy while conserving water at the same time. Using your hose or a portable sprinkler to water your lawn can result in wasted water. With an automatic system, you can:

  • Set a time to water your lawn each day

  • Keep your lawn watered when you're away

  • Save money on your water bill each month

Call Hamilton Irrigation today to get started on your sprinkler installation. We serve all of the Greater Boulder, Longmont and Denver Metro Areas.

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