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Snow Removal

Colorado is known for its snow. But that doesn't make snow a joy to have blanketing the landscape all the time. In fact, for most folks, it loses its appeal when it comes to shoveling the walkways and keeping your landscape under control in the winter. 

Luckily, Hamilton Irrigation is here to make managing your area's snow production easy. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

Snow Removal in the Greater Boulder, Longmont and Denver Metro Area

Hamilton Irrigation is here to keep your walkways and landscape under control in the winter. See what were offering:

  1. You can sign up for automatic service when you get over a certain amount of snowfall, or call in for service. The customers that sign up for automatic service will have first priority over call-ins.

  2. Your snow will be removed within 24 hours of the snow event ending, unless the snowfall is over 12" then it would be advantageous to have service done once during the storm and then after it ends. 

  3. Ice melt is available per request at $1.00 per pound, most homes will need 5-20 pounds.

  4. Holidays are not included, however, we may remove snow on the holidays at our discretion at the normal rates, otherwise the snow will be removed the following day. 

  5. Customers must enroll in card on file and will be charged at the time of service. 

  6. We would like to come out before the snow to take pictures, get an accurate estimate, and set up the service. 

Schedule an estimate with us today to get ready for winter. We’ll make sure to make your life easier and keep your home clear during the winter.

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