What is a Smart Sprinkler System and How Does It Work?

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A smart sprinkler system uses a wifi-enabled controller that connects to your already existing sprinkler system. With the controller, you are able to program, control, and monitor your watering cycle so you can determine how specific areas in your garden and yard are watered. If you want to, you can set up the controller so that it does the programming for you.

The beautiful thing about a smart sprinkler system is that once you have, it set up, installed, and programmed, you can use it to get real-time updates on your phone. As with any smart device, some products and controllers will work better than others. You may also discover that some systems offer more features and more customizable options.

Important Sprinkler Control Features to Consider

Smart sprinkler systems offer a wide variety of features, and it’s essential that you determine which ones work best for your yard. For instance, some systems can self-program based on weather forecast, soil and plant types, exposure to the sun, and the slope of your yard. You can find a very sophisticated system that uses advanced algorithms to determine how your lawn should be watered. Make sure you check out the features of both systems offered by Hamilton Irrigation, to ensure you purchase the system that fits your needs.

Learn About the Smart Sprinklers Hamilton Irrigation offers

Rachio Smart Sprinkler System


  • Use your mobile app to select zones and set a schedule

  • If you don't have a schedule in mind, or want to use the recommendation of Rachio, you can choose the "As Needed" option.

  • The app also offers a pair of smart features to help you with water efficiency and saving money on your bills: weather intelligence and smart cycle. Rachio has these features turned on by default, so if you decide you don’t want or need them, you’ll have to turn them off manually. The recommendation is to keep them on, as they are key features the controller can utilize when watering your yard.

  • You have the ability to control your Rachio smart sprinkler system through either the smartphone app or through a smart home system or smart assistant.

  • You can use your Google Home or Amazon Echo to control the system. You can also use SmartThings, Nest, Nexia, Wink, and a few other smart home systems as well.


  • It would be nice to see some more details addressed, like master valve/pump information and how to handle multiple nozzles in one zone, but otherwise, the system is fantastic.

Rachio might be the best connected smart sprinkler system on the market today, and as we noted, it’s easy to integrate into your already existing smart home setup. If you have a sprinkler system already in place, give it a nice upgrade by installing the Rachio smart sprinkler system.

Rain Bird


  • All of the controllers Rain Bird provides offer a complete collection of controls with are built into the equipment itself.

  • The controllers include an LCD panel with a few buttons that provide full power over your manual or scheduled water cycles.

  • Each time you launch the mobile app, it connects to your Rain Bird system to confirm settings are stored and updated on the controller.